Design and Concept of Hengshui Cultural Poster Product for "New Hengchuan"


  • Chen Yang Xingtai Vocational College of Applied Technology, Student Office, Xingtai City, Hebei Province,050043,China



poster design ; regional cultural integration; new style


As an emerging city with a long cultural history in Hebei Province, Hengshui is constantly deepening its efforts in promoting its urban image. This paper explores and classifies the regional culture of Hengshui, and designs a series of posters based on its long history and distinctive regional characteristics. This poster design not only expresses the cultural heritage contained within the city, but also reflects the emerging regional characteristics of modern Hengshui. It comprehensively interprets and reconstructs Hengshui education, regional famous figures, Hengshui landmark buildings, and local characteristic culture. With the help of the poster design, it showcases a constantly developing and innovative charming city, promoting the new era of Hengshui style. Let more people have a deeper understanding of today's Hengshui and make efforts to promote regional economic development and improve economic efficiency in Hengshui.